Corinne's Services


Corinne is a uniquely-trained physiotherapist who has a special interest in treating both men and women for conditions ranging from bowel and bladder dysfunction to treating low back pain or problems secondary to breast cancer surgery (click on the conditions below for more information).  Through being a regular lecturer at many different venues and support groups in Kelowna, Corinne has earned a reputation for being an outstanding educator.


To assess for some of the conditions described below, Corinne uses a combination of sophisticated biofeedback equipment, a thorough history and a comprehensive musculoskeletal examination.  As part of the musculoskeletal exam, she may assess for: joint mobility, muscle strength, soft tissue flexibility, balance and/or reflexes.  An internal (inter-anal or inter-vaginal) exam is used to specifically assess the strength, tone, endurance and coordination of the pelvic floor muscles.  As these muscles are located inside the pelvis, internal biofeedback and internal manual therapy are the most effective ways of treating the pelvic floor.


After developing a treatment plan, Corinne may utilize biofeedback to teach the client how to effectively contract weak muscles or relax tight muscles.  Corinne often uses a hands-on approach to stretch tight soft tissues, release trigger points or mobilize joints.  All clients will be taught about their condition using the latest in anatomy teaching software and anatomical models.  Education may also include bladder/bowel retraining, dietary modification and posture/core strength training.  Each client is provided with a customized home exercise program with clear pictures and exercise descriptions.  Click on the conditions below to learn more about some the conditions she treats:


Bowel disorders


Urinary disorders


• Women’s health: breast cancer, osteoporosis and pregnancy-related conditions


Men’s health


Male pelvic pain


• Woman's health


Female pelvic pain


Sexual dysfunction


• Sports and orthopedic injuries


Core strengthening




Corinne's FEES


Internal pelvic floor


1st visit (assessment) - $120

subsequent visit - $90



Regular orthopaedic visits


per visit - $90




Visa/Mastercard, cash, or cheques accepted.

No WCB or ICBC claims accepted.




As a courtesy to our therapists and other patients please give at least 24 hours’ notice for appointment cancellations. Patients will be charged the regular fee for missed appointments or not giving adequate notice for cancellation.



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